Hie I’m Jeffry, I enjoy collaborating with other young professional in mentoring, content creation and academic coaching. I Love to share my thoughts on finance, business, economics and academics and life experiences to inspire community and provide insight into various issues that affect business professionals in the making.

I am adaptable, dependable and friendly Master of Philosophy candidate and ACCA finalist and I also work as a graduate teaching assistant at a university in Zimbabwe. Prior to my current occupation and studies, I worked as a waitron at a restaurant which is how I managed to pay for my college fees and graduated top of my class.

 I have a clear logical mind with a creative ability to leverage theory in solving practical problems. I have a genuine interest in Accounting and Finance.


My Skills

Accounting carriers’ pathways

I write about the major accounting various pathways such as ACCA, CIMA, ZCTA, CIS etc. that a student can take in Zimbabwe towards becoming a professional qualified accountant.

Soft Skills

I write on topics to do with top soft skills that young professional accountants need to develop on their way to becoming chartered Accountants such as communication, leadership, decisiveness, team work etc.

Economics and Finance

I also write pieces on commentaries on Zimbabwe and world economics, public finance and trending investment topics.

Academic Coaching

I do articles on how you can improve your grades and perform better in school whether you are a conventional student or learning online.


I also write short articles on how you can sail through everyday life with a little inspiration
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